KSRTC Volvo Club Class

Below are the features of Volvo club class bus service:
  • Full air suspension on all the four wheels. Six air bellows are installed in rear side of coach and two air bellows are installed in front side of coach.
  • Bus coach are provided with multi axle for better comfort on long distance travel
  • 13.8 meters long bus completely developed for highly comfortable journey.
  • Volvo buses have 53 passenger seats which are comfortable, reclining luxurious and ergonomically designed executive.
  • The bas have two LCD TVs; one is of twenty six inches and second is of seventeen inches for entertainment of passengers
  • Interior of bus is highly designed, imported floor carpet and other modern facilities.
  • On right hand side of coach emergency door is provided for better safety of passengers.
  • Three hundred and forty horse power electronically controlled Volvo D9B engine is available in bus. It’s a fuel efficient, powerful and Euro III complaint engine. Engine also has intercooler and turbocharger.
  • Toughened window glasses for clear vision of passengers
  • Front panel is modified to increase the vision area of driver and to provide better look to bus.
  • Under the passenger seating area ten cubic meter spaces is provided for luggage.

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