KSRTC Mercedes Benz

Below are the features of Mercedes Benz bus service:
  • Twelve meters long bus build on 0 500 R 1830 chassis, fully developed for passenger transport.
  • Full air suspension on all four wheels for extra safety and comfort
  • Carrier generation IV is installed in buses for better air conditioning, this improves comfort of passengers.
  • Total forty five passenger seats are provided inside the bus. Seats are luxury and comfort.
  • Twin foldable LCD TV are installed for passenger entertainment
  • Interior of bus is highly designed and night lamps are provided.
  • Toughened window glasses are used for clear vision of passengers.
  • Front panel is modified for increasing the vision area of driver and to provide better look to bus
  • Ten cubic meters luggage space is provided
  • Euro III complies engine is available
  • Three hundred and five horse power engines is used, electronic fuel injection management is provided for better utilization of fuel

KSRTC Bus Services
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