KSRTC Corona Ambaari

Below are the features of Corona Ambaari bus service:
  • AMBAARI means a luxurious and comfortable on the top of an Elephant.
  • One hundred and sixty horse power Cummins engine is fitted in rear of bus. This reduces noise pollution.
  • Air suspension is provided on front wheels for better passenger journey.
  • A TV is provided inside of bus for passenger entertainment. Interiors include imported floor carpet, high-tech passenger seats etc.
  • Excellent air conditioning mechanism is provided for better and comfortable journey
  • Eleven cubic meters luggage space is provided under the seating area of passengers.
  • Dual circuit and fully air brakes are provided. To increase breaking efficiency automatic slack adjuster are installed.
  • Forty four passenger seats are provided with 2x2 seating configuration. Seats are luxury and comfortable.
  • Entry/exit doors are of aluminum and panels are stretched galvanized. Exterior of bus is painted with 2K paints with colorful images/graphics.

KSRTC Bus Services
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