KSRTC Corona Ambaari Sleeper

Below are the features of Corona Ambaari Sleeper bus service:
  • Twelve meters long bus built by M/s. Corona Bus Manufacturers Pvt Ltd., Pune for safe and comfortable journey.
  • Full air suspension is provided on all four wheels for safety and comfortable journey.
  • Excellent cooling mechanism provided through AC 353 model air conditioner.
  • Thirty two passenger berths, divided into upper and lower berths; Sixteen are lower and sixteen are upper berths.
  • Berths are in 2x1 configuration and comfortable
  • Reading lamps, partition curtains and imported floor carpets are provided inside of coach.
  • Eight cubic meters luggage space is provided under the berth area of passengers.
  • Emergency doors are wider in size for better safety
  • Very attractive wind shield and front show for better visibility and safety
  • One hundred and sixty horse power engine is fitted at the rear end of bus. This reduces the noise pollution. Engine is inter cooled and turbo charged.
  • For better braking, anti locking braking and hydraulic retarder of Voith make are provided.

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